How Do the Best Dental Business Owners Recruit?

With so many dental practice owners now recognising the benefits of filling non-clinical roles from outside of dentistry, you may find yourself asking, ‘How do they get it right?, ‘What does a job interview look like?’. What does the interview process entail when criteria extend beyond the obvious, and dare I say, traditional attractions that are clinical qualifications and familiarity with dental software systems,

This is something we have been discussing in Club Connect. I would like to share with you the invaluable insights our members have found to help you effectively navigate this path to successful recruitment.

Discover Motivation and Research

Begin with the question, “What piqued your interest in our dental practice?”. This initiates a dialogue that can provide essential insights into their motivation and prior research.

Assess Soft Skills

Given the importance of patient service, empathy, and understanding people in a non-clinical role, it’s essential to see how the candidate navigates change, demonstrates their questioning and listening skills, and asks questions.

Flip the script early on by asking, “What questions do you have for me?”. We often leave this to the end of an interview, however, this unconventional approach assesses their flexibility, inquisitiveness, and listening skills.

Gauge Strategic Planning

In roles that have a direct impact on patient development, it’s crucial that KPIs are set and measured to ensure the job description is being fulfilled. I suggest you ask, “How do you plan your patient development activity?”, “What benchmarks signify your efforts are sufficient?”, and “How do you qualify your new patient enquiries?”. These questions uncover their analytical mindset and dedication to success for your patients.

Identify Transferable Skills

Recognise that the candidate may lack a professional background in dentistry, therefore, what we are looking for amongst other things are transferable skills.

Begin a conversation about their current responsibilities with prompts such as, “Walk me through your approach to a meeting with a new patient”. Similarly, you’ll want to know the depth of their understanding of their current role. Ask them, “What do you like and dislike about the services provided by your current employer?” and “Why do you think your customers buy from you?”.

Seek Tangible Evidence

Throughout the interview, remember to seek real examples, rather than rehearsed responses. Be ready to follow up on the candidate’s answer with questions such as, “Can you share an instance when you…” or “Describe a scenario in which you’ve…” These prompts will illuminate their suitability to your practice with tangible evidence of their experience.

Our Club Connect members become better leaders by mastering how to recruit talent through collaborative coaching. As we expand, we’re excited to offer three openings to join us from September.

If you are interested in developing your existing team, receiving guidance from the recruitment phase, or feel that you have insight to offer fellow dental business owners, Let’s Talk!

Your path to building an extraordinary dental team starts here.

Although it is more challenging to pause and respond with questions, we must endeavour to do so more frequently for the betterment of both you, as the dental professional, and your patients.

Let us remember that the discourse occurring within the metaphorical “Wheelie Bin Search Engine” (see my previous post, in case you missed it) is never purely technical; rather, it’s human. Unlike dentists and dental professionals, patients discuss dentistry in terms of their own understanding and pre-existing knowledge.

I can help you develop your dental team to have better conversations with their patients. An understood leader will naturally mould an understanding team.

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