Club Connect Plus


If your dental practice has ground to a halt, or if you’re just not seeing things change as much as you want them to, we can help you and your team get moving again.

Growing a dental practice is never about magic systems and copying what everybody else is doing, it’s about getting the very best out of you and your team. We’ve been doing that successfully with dental practices of all shapes and sizes since 2009.


The Club Connect Plus programme gives you everything from our Club Connect leadership and business development coaching programme plus all four days of our Get Together training workshops with Quality Assured CPD, worth £9000.


When you join the Club Connect Plus programme, you will get one to one leadership and business development coaching and we’ll train your team to do the things that you’ve always wanted them to do, the things you can’t do on your own.


Engaged teams create wonderful dental practices where patients never need to be sold to.


Club Connect Plus

What is Club Connect Plus?

Club Connect Plus is a one to one leadership and business development coaching programme plus all four days of our Get Together training workshops, with a discount and Quality Assured CPD. It’s right for you if you want everything that you will get from being a member of Club Connect and you want to develop and grow your team to do better things too.


Club Connect Plus solves the problem that sending your team on lots of generic training courses can be expensive and inefficient. With Club Connect Plus, we come to you and we will plan together and in advance how to make your four days of Quality Assured CPD training workshops exactly that; your four days. Each day is delivered with both training and facilitation, that is specific to your practice, your team and your patients. We don’t do scripts or teach you to sell stuff.


Club Connect Plus membership is £925 including VAT and we will share together, everything from Club Connect…


  • Everything that we have tried and tested with our clients since 2009.
  • One-to-one coaching sessions on Zoom to hold you to account, challenge you and keep you moving.
  • A 12 month personal coaching planner created with you and designed to unblock anything that’s holding you back you or your practice.
  • Access to financial, business planning and marketing tools.
  • Three face to face leadership development workshops with other members every year.
  • Group Zoom meetings with other members every month.
  • A private, supportive and friendly online discussion group.


*The Club Connect workshop replaces your video call in the relevant month, but if you’re outside of the UK (we have clients globally) by all means jump on a plane, or we’ll have a video call.


and with Club Connect Plus you will also get;


  • Four Get Together training workshops delivered at your practice, and worth £9000 if paid for separately.


The Club Connect workshop* dates are;


  • May 10th 2023
  • September 20th 2023
  • January 17th 2024
  • May 22nd 2024
  • September 18th 2024


The workshops are hosted at The Belfry Hotel and Resort, a central location with great transport links.


“Kevin and the team at Rose & Co. have the ability to help upon create an amazing patient experience. They inspire your team to work together, to achieve success and improvement, every single day.”

Ali Thompson

The Dental Barn

Will it work me?

Yes, if you recognise that if you want to grow your dental practice, it’s really important that;


  • Everybody is committed to making changes and if they’re not, you’re prepared to step up.
  • The care in dental healthcare comes from creating a team that know how to behave, without a script and without being told what to do all of the time.
  • If everybody show’s up when they are meant to and commits to what we discuss.


No, if you’re used to making excuses for your team.

What are the GET TOGETHER training workshops?

We’ve got a whole page on our website for you, just jump to the GET TOGETHER training  pages for all you’ll want to know. These are the headlines and remember each day is delivered with both training and facilitation, that is specific to your practice, your team and your patients. We don’t do scripts or teach you to sell stuff.


Can you give me some help right now?

Yes. Have a listen to this episode of the Dentology Podcast where we explore our business philosophy, the services we provide and valuable advice on what you should be prioritising right now.

Book a TALK NOW Zoom meeting with us to get started.

I’m interested in Club Connect Plus, what’s next?

Book an hour to work on your leadership and business development challenges with us and we will explore if and how Club Connect Plus will work for you and your team.

What if I change my mind?

It could happen and we’ll be grown up about it. I do want you to commit to 12 months because that is the period of time that I have seen dentists get the most benefit from working with me. There is no dodgy small print to tie you in knots. If I am any good, you’ll see the changes and we will work together. That’s how I have worked with dentists since 2009

Reassuring You

kevin rose dental business coach

I’m delighted you are here because it means that you’ve recognised it’s time do something about ‘going to the dentist’ and that it’s not just about doing more things, it’s also about better things. 


I set up Rose & Co. in 2009 from my kitchen table when my best mate (and dentist) asked me to ‘fix’ his dental practice. With what I have learned since then and the community of dental practice owners that I am proud to work with, we are building better dental businesses, and that makes the world a better place.



To explore how we can help you with your dental business, book a free call with us.


We understand you’re busy, so book online to save lots of shenanigans with diaries. You can go old school too and send an email to  and we’ll get things sorted that way.