Dental SEO

A great looking dental practice website that has no visitors is not a good investment. You probably know that you need to do something with Search Engine Optimisation and SEO your dental website but exactly what?

Our SEO services include…


FREE Website Audit

Target Audience Analysis

Unlimited Keywords

Keyword Research & Rank Reporting

Competitor Reporting & Analysis

Google Analytics Reporting

Regular SEO Expert Liaison & Reporting

Dental SEO

SEO for Dentists & Dental Practice Websites

Dental SEO means different things to different people. For many it’s confusing, scary and without measurable results it can be expensive too. But, to make your dental website visible, dental SEO is necessary.


Rose & Co offer a fixed price dental practice website SEO package that works, and not just on a Google search! We will work closely with you to help you achieve realistic results on search engines and ultimately increase the visibility of your dental practice website. We are confident we can get your website ranked where you want it to be and that is why we include a full SEO for dentists package for three months with all new Prominence websites that we build.


You don’t have to have your website with us to benefit from our Dental SEO Service, subject to your current website meeting our requirements. To find out if your current website is suitable contact us today.


You will receive monthly reports, including a video overview highlighted in the video below, and if you wish to have a face to face discussion about your dental website SEO, you can schedule a video call with Andy, our dental website SEO expert, to drill down into the statistics to help you identify the area to strengthen and plan the future strategy of your dental website SEO.

Full Website Analysis

Target Audience Analysis

Active “On Page” SEO

Page Speed Optimisation

Search Engine Indexing

Targeted Search Strings

Monthly 1 to 1 catch ups via zoom

Competitor Reporting & Analysis

What We Do Differently

Fixed Price Dental SEO Package

We offer a fixed fee Dental SEO Service for your Dental Practice website at £750 including VAT per month

Regular 1 to 1 Catch Ups

You will be able to discuss your progress and priorities with the SEO specialist working on your website on a monthly basis via zoom

Info-graphic Video Summaries

We know you are busy, which is why we produce short info graphic video summaries as well as providing the full ranking and analytics reports

No limit on Key Phrases

We won't limit you to a set number of key words or phrases. We optimise for as many as you need to promote your dental business.

All for £750 including VAT per month

Rose & Co. don’t do different levels of Dental SEO as we believe that a dental website is either SEO’d or it isn’t, therefore no Gold, Silver or Bronze, no Premium, no Basic, just one level that is the best solid “white hat” SEO using the latest techniques by our team of Dental SEO experts.


If you want us to assess your website get in touch and lets start a conversation.



To explore how we can help you with your dental website SEO, book a free call with us.


We understand you’re busy, so book online to save lots of shenanigans with diaries. You can go old school too and send an email to  and we’ll get things sorted that way.