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What is the point of having a dental website if your patients can’t find you in search?

We provide your dental website with the search engine visibility it deserves. Organic search engine optimisation is a cost effective way of putting your website in front of the eyes of your prospective patients when they are looking for the service you offer.


We use tried and tested techniques of search engine optimisation for your dental website alongside the latest SEO techniques that assists a search engine in delivering your website information high up in their listings.


ROSE & CO don’t have different levels of Dental SEO packages, instead we believe, and have proven, that your site is either optimised or it isn’t, simple as that. Our single package optimises your dental practice website, serving information to search engines such as Google, Yahoo and Bing in a logical manner which they love! There are no add-ons or upgrades just the latest, solid, “best practice”, “white hat” search engine optimisation techniques.

Dental SEO

dental seo for dentists and dental practice websites

SEO for Dentists & Dental Practice Websites

A great looking dental practice website that has no visitors is not a good investment. You probably know that you need to do something with Search Engine Optimisation and SEO your dental website but exactly what?


Dental SEO means different things to different people. For many it’s confusing, scary and without measurable results it can be expensive too. But, to make your dental website visible, dental SEO is necessary.


Rose & Co offer a fixed price dental practice website SEO package that works, and not just on a Google search! We will work closely with you to help you achieve realistic results on search engines and ultimately increase the visibility of your dental practice website. We are confident we can get your website ranked where you want it to be and that is why we include a full SEO for dentists package for three months with all new websites that we build.


You don’t have to have your website with us to benefit from our Dental SEO Service which includes:


Full Website Analysis
Target Audience Analysis
Active “On Page” SEO
Targeted Search Strings
Search Engine Indexing
Regular Reporting & Liaison
Competitor Reporting & Analysis


Fixed fee Dental SEO Service for your Dental Practice website £520.00 including VAT per month.

Rose & Co. don’t do different levels of Dental SEO as we believe that a dental website is either SEO’d or it isn’t, therefore no Gold, Silver or Bronze, no Premium, no Basic, just one level that is the best solid “white hat” SEO using the latest techniques by our team of Dental SEO experts.


If you want us to assess your website get in touch and lets start a conversation.

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