Rose & Co. likes to keep things simple.


Kevin conducts dental business coaching and training at various locations across the UK and over Zoom; Andy instructs your dental website to the top of search engine results; Lucy writes valuable copy for all facets of your dental marketing; Caitlyn designs stunning and efficient dental websites; Naveed actions your website updates and ensures it’s security.


That’s us – in the barest nutshell. Our combination of talent has been successfully helping dentists to help more people embrace better dental healthcare since 2009.

Kevin Rose

The Zoomer

I set up Rose & Co. in 2009 from my kitchen table when my best mate (and dentist) asked me to ‘fix’ his practice. With what I have learned since then and the community of dental practice owners I am proud to work with, we are building better dental teams and developing better brands.


We become ‘better’ by focusing on sustainability, considering emotion, building trust, creating communities, and launching and developing careers. Because after all, these are the things that shape an extraordinary brand. We do this here within Rose & Co. and within our clients’ dental businesses.


Why? It’s really simple. I believe everyone should visit the dentist and it’s daft if they don’t. So, allow us to help your practice inspire and encourage more people to receive the treatment they deserve.

Andy T.

The Target Master

Getting your dental website to the fingertips of your target audience is Andy’s forte. He looks at your specialities or areas of focus, location, and ideal patient demographic to maximise your return on search engine positioning.


Andy also lends his creative eye to leading Rose & Co’s in-practice photoshoots, capturing incidentals of staff at work, in surgery, and professional headshots, as well as internal and external shots of your dental practice.

Lucy G.

The Marketing Whizz

Highlighting her marketing expertise and love of fast cars.


The second someone lands on your website or social media channel, it’s crucial that they understand you immediately. Lucy writes character-defining copy for dentists’ social media marketing campaigns, websites, email campaigns, and blog posts; in short, all dental digital marketing communication.


Whizz; noun: a person who is clever at something | Whizz; verb: to move quickly.

Caitlyn W.

The Grunge Guru

Emphasising her passion for music and her outstanding design skills.


Caitlyn is the Designer within Rose & Co’s Creative Team and will be held responsible for stunning website design concepts, social media graphic designs, and all other marketing materials used within your dental business.

Naveed H.

The Tech Alchemist

Combining his technical skills with the alchemical reference from his chemical engineering degree.


As Rose & Co’s Designer, Naveed is the human on the receiving end of your website update requests and data input. From monthly blog posts and updated fees lists to plugin updates and website security, you can rest assured Naveed with action all that keeps your dental practice’s website running smoothly within 24 hours.

Katie G.

The Social Sith

Highlighting her love of sci-fi and social media.


Katie executes our clients’ social media marketing stratgeties each month, bringing fun, youthful, and trending content to dentistry.


As Social Media Coordinator at Rose & Co, Katie lends her hand to video editing, encouraging more dentists to join Instagram Reels and TikTok.

Bobbi R.

C.E.O. (Chief Exercise Officer)

Bobbi Rose is a proud registered Pets As Therapy dog!⁠

This means that Bobbi has a certified great temperament and can provide companionship to people of all ages. Her first job took place in September 2023 when she and Kevin visited a local primary school.



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