The Rose & Co. Team

Doing the right thing in dental healthcare.

The team at  Rose & Co. like to keep things simple. Kevin writes on flip charts, Andy is the office nerd, Jan is a wordsmith and Caitlin makes things look amazing. There is a bit more too it than that but this combination of talents has been successfully helping dentists help more people have healthier mouths since 2009.

kevin rose dental coach

Kevin Rose

Kevin had approximately 19.25 happy years of leading, financing and developing small businesses before he got bored for around 7 months and 12 days, threw away his ties and decided to ‘do something’ about dentistry when he noticed that his dentist didn’t have a website, seemed to make up his prices and never smiled.


Having interviewed hundreds of small business owners and set up businesses from scratch, he has a width of perspective and a depth of experience that he has been sharing in dentistry since 2009.


He has been steadily building a loyal group of clients and guiding them away from the painful mistakes that he has seen other regulated professions make. Through inspiration, direction and experience, he helps his clients lead successful dental businesses, with engaged teams and chairs full of loyal patients.

dental web designer

Andy Taplin

Andy has the necessary talents to help develop, build and market your dental practice brand. He is self confessed I.T. geek and also has the ability to turn creative paper and pen concepts into imaginative digital designs.


He has an extensive formal education in art and design as well as years of practical experience converting his obsession with the art of typography into creative work for his clients. Andy is the I.T. geek that you will actually want to have a conversation with, is our head brainstormer of whacky ideas and a perfectionist.


If you ask him, he’ll tell you why no two websites or logo’s should need to look the same, its all about creativity.


When it comes to Dental SEO, he is now the go to person at Rose & Co. If you want your dental website to rank at the top of search engines, his methods match the logical requirements of search engines, talk to him about SEO and you will have will finally have a chance of understanding what “it” is all about!

jan clarke dental marketer

Jan Clarke

Over a period of seventeen years, as a practice owner, Jan is credited with developing one of Edinburgh’s finest dental practices. She’s also been involved with the Denplan Excel quality assurance programme since its inception and latterly as an Advisor helping practices implement the programme and develop their practices.


A wide experience in dentistry over 26 years in mixed practices as well as time served in the hospital sector, gives her a vast knowledge.


Jan is Rose & Co’s Marketing expert and as well as coaching oversees our clients marketing plans. .

caitlin dental web designer

Caitlin Murphy

Caitlin is the perfectionist in our creative team enabling her to produce pixel perfect websites and graphics.


After receiving an MA (Hons) in Politics and International Relations from Dundee University, Caitlin decided to follow her passion and instead start a career in the creative industry.


From years of experience working in creative agencies, she has developed skills in graphic design, website design, search engine optimisation and brand development as well as attaining a Diploma in Online Marketing.