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Imagine what a difference it would make if we all knew a bit more about each other?

Some dental reception teams just seem to have the knack of presenting motivated patients to you. Motivated patients that become loyal patients, that proceed with the treatment plans that they want and that you have recommended. This doesn’t happen by chance.


At the other end of that phone is a human being that wants to be understood, and a relationship that could last for years. We don’t believe that call is a ‘lead to be converted’. That’s where the wonderful starts, by really thinking about what we think about the people that we are meant to serve, right at the critical point of first human contact. A phone call could be the start of a relationship that lasts for years, so let’s make it wonderful.


All of our Get Together training workshops, including Get Listening are structured around what we know will work, but that does not mean we know best. We don’t do scripts or tell your team what to do. The Get Listening training workshop is about new perspectives and new structures that will make wonderful.


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What is Get Listening?

Get Listening is a one day training workshop with Quality Assured CPD courtesy of Dentinal Tubules. It’s right for you if you want patients to feel that they are speaking with somebody that gives a damn, not ordering a burger at a drive through.


Get Listening solves the problem that sending your team on lots of generic courses can be expensive and inefficient, and that is why there are no scripts or instructions to follow.


A Get Listening training workshop with Quality Assured CPD, at your practice costs £2250 including VAT and this is the proven structure that we will work with…


  • Let’s start with a sense check. A discreet call and an email or two that will give us a benchmark and know what we are working with.
  • The telephone is from now on, never going to be something to be covered for an hour or so, your new patients are too important for that.
  • A facilitated conversation with your team so that everybody understands what your new patients know and what they want to know, before they call you.
  • This is where the wonderful then happens, by exploring how to have a conversation on the telephone with another human being that immerses them in being listened to and understood.
  • Probably a pizza or two before we all get hands on and have fun having a go at the thing they thought they knew with their eyes closed, but looks and sounds very different with new perspectives.
  • You know scripting exactly what to say won’t work, because you’ve been on the receiving end of that. We’ve seen wonderful changes in the way the telephone is answered over the years and our job is to do the same with your reception team.

“I wasn’t expecting to gain anything from the training, having been in the job for nearly 20 years…but I absolutely did! Thank you”

Shelley Richardson, Lead Receptionist, Thackeray Dental Care

“The way we answer the telephone didn’t just change the next day and get forgotten about, it’s stuck with us all and has made a huge difference for our patients and our practice.”

Ketan Panchal, Chancery Lane Dental Practice

“A top reception and communication day that proved to be a team building day too. Kevin and the team at Rose & Co. are good bunch.”

Ross Gunn, Gunn Dental Centre

“The very next morning, I made a return on your fees with the number of NHS calls we received that then booked in for private appointments. Before your training, we would have had turned these patients away!”

AB Dentist. South Yorkshire
Will it work at my practice?

Yes, if you give your reception team the right facilities and time to get listening. It’s really important that;


  • Everybody is committed to making changes and if they’re not, you’re prepared to step up.
  • The care in dental healthcare comes from creating a team that know how to behave, without a script and without being told what to do all of the time.
  • If everybody shows up when they are meant to and commits to what we discuss.


No, if you just want a set of instructions to follow.


Book an hour to work on your telephone and reception challenges with us and we will explore if and how a Get Listening training workshop will work for you and your team.

kevin rose dental business coach

I’m delighted you are here because it means that you’ve recognised it’s time do something about ‘going to the dentist’ and that it’s not just about doing more things, it’s also about better things. 


I set up Rose & Co in 2009 from my kitchen table when my best mate (and dentist) asked me to ‘fix’ his dental practice. With what I have learned since then and the community of dental practice owners that I am proud to work with, we are building better dental businesses, and that makes the world a better place.



To explore how we can help you with your dental business, book a free call with us.


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