Club Connect


If you’ve ever had a rubbish boss, or if you’re struggling to be the boss that you want to be, we can help you.

You may have read all of the books, endured the CPD, and delivered the presentation, but your team just doesn’t seem to ‘get it’. We can help you and we’ve been helping dentists like you become better leaders since 2009.


When you join Club Connect you will benefit from a width of perspective and a depth of experience that you can’t get trying to do everything on your own. Club Connect is for you, one-to-one, not one to many.


You won’t be judged, criticised, or offered tick-box solutions. You will be inspired and committed to making changes, making better business decisions and becoming a dental business leader. We will find the things that once kept you safe, that are now keeping you small, kick them around a bit, and come out the other side, together.


Engaged teams create wonderful dental practices where patients never need to be sold to.

Be a better leader

club connect dental coaching
What is Club Connect?

Club Connect is a one-to-one leadership and business development coaching programme. It’s right for you if you want to fill the gap between the books and the theory, and the chaotic reality of trying to lead a dental practice. As a member of Club Connect, you will benefit from the support of a small number of other like minded Club Connect members, as well as my direct leadership experiences both within and outside of dentistry for over 20 years, one-to-one, not one-to-many.


There are some questions that you need to answer as a dental business leader, that you can’t do a Google search for, or find the answers in somebody else’s ‘top ten tips’. Some questions require a width of perspective and a depth of experience that you have to look outside for. Without those perspectives, as a leader you risk your thinking being too narrow and too shortsighted.


Club Connect membership is £575 including VAT per month and we will share together;


  • Everything that we have tried and tested with our clients since 2009.
  • One-to-one coaching sessions on Zoom to hold you to account, challenge you and keep you moving.
  • A 12 month personal coaching planner created with you and designed to unblock anything that’s holding you back you or your practice.
  • Access to financial, business planning and marketing tools.
  • Three face to face leadership development workshops with other members every year.
  • Group Zoom meetings with other members every month.
  • A private, supportive and friendly online discussion group.
  • Quality Assured CPD with a 30% discount off any of our GET TOGETHER training workshops delivered at your practice, worth up to £2970 per annum.


*The Club Connect workshop replaces your video call in the relevant month, but if you’re outside of the UK (we have clients globally) by all means jump on a plane, or we’ll have a video call.


The Club Connect workshop* dates  are;


  • September 18th 2024
  • January 22nd 2025
  • May 21st 2025
  • September 17th 2025


*The workshops are hosted at The Belfry Hotel and Resort, a central location with great transport links.


“Rose and Co. and being a member of Club Connect have enabled me to find out what sort of leader I am- after many years in the military, following a prescribed leadership style, I now see there are other ways to lead my team and this is working for us right now. Thanks Rose and Co. and colleagues at Club Connect”

Beth Richardson

Basingstoke Orthodontics 


“I’ve achieved breakthroughs in delegating responsibilities and doing less. I spend less time than ever in the minutia because I can now trust my team to take charge.”

Upen Vithlani

The Grove Practice 

Will it work for me?

Yes, if you’re looking to develop as a leader and you value;


  • Having your ideas, plans and strategy tested and occasionally challenged.
  • Being held to account to achieve the things that are important to you.
  • Having somebody to talk to, without that somebody having a conflict of interest.


No, if you just want a set of instructions to follow.

What about coming to the practice?

Yes, we can do that too. We can bring any of our GET TOGETHER  training workshops to you and provide you with Quality Assured CPD courtesy of Dentinal Tubules. As a Club Connect member you get something back from us too, a nice 30% discount shaped thank you. Each day is delivered with both training and facilitation, that is specific to your practice, your team and your patients. We don’t do scripts or teach you to sell stuff. Jump to the GET TOGETHER training part of our website, for all you’ll need to know.


What’s the next step?

Book an hour to work on your leadership and business development challenges with us and we will explore if and how Club Connect will work for you.

Can you give me some help right now?

Yes. Have a listen to this episode of the Dentology Podcast where we explore our business philosophy, the services we provide and valuable advice on what you should be prioritising right now.

Book a TALK NOW Zoom meeting with us to get started.

What if I change my mind?

It could happen and we’ll be grown up about it. I do want you to commit to 12 months because that is the period of time that I have seen dentists get the most benefit from working with me. There is no dodgy small print to tie you in knots. If I am any good, you’ll see the changes and we will work together. That’s how I have worked with dentists since 2009

Reassuring You

kevin rose dental business coach

I’m delighted you are here because it means that you’ve recognised it’s time do something about ‘going to the dentist’ and that it’s not just about doing more things, it’s also about better things. 


I set up Rose & Co in 2009 from my kitchen table when my best mate (and dentist) asked me to ‘fix’ his dental practice. With what I have learned since then and the community of dental practice owners that I am proud to work with, we are building better dental businesses, and that makes the world a better place.



To explore how we can help you with your dental business, book a free call with us.


We understand you’re busy, so book online to save lots of shenanigans with diaries. You can go old school too and send an email to  and we’ll get things sorted that way.