Club Connect

Width of perspective. Years of experience.

We help you make efficient use of your time away from your surgery, and to discover how to lead and develop your dental business. Become more productive with your patients, knowing that you also have organised and structured time set aside to think about your dental business.


Our members share common values, are open and willing to learn, and our coaches will inspire and guide you to make better business decisions about your strategy, marketing, finances, patient communications and leadership.


You won’t be judged, criticised or offered tick box solutions. You will inspired and committed to make changes, make better business decisions and become a dental business leader.


Dental business leaders make better decisions: Better business results and better dental health for your patients.

6 places. £350 including VAT per month

Club Connect for Dentists

club connect dental coaching

“I had the most cynical view of business consultants, until I began working with Rose & Co. They helped us introduce major organisational changes at at time when I needed help most. The outcome has been an over whelming success. With guidance, we created a leadership team and delivered the results that we planned for. Out of nowhere our meetings became productive, where we had struggled on our own, creating more time in our surgeries. The input from Rose & Co cannot be over stated.”


Mark Willings
Horbury Dental Care

What is Club Connect?

Club Connect is a 12 month leadership and business development programme next beginning in April 2020 and is grounded in the proven structures and systems that we have been developing with our clients since 2009.


Members will meet 6 times throughout the 12 month programme at a central quality venue, where you will be guided and encouraged with like minded dental business owners through a published programme of activity.

Is it right for you?

If you are struggling to find answers to questions like these, then you are not own your own. Club Connect will help you find the answers.

  • What is the vision for your business?
  • What are your biggest business challenges right now?
  • What are the key strategies that will help you achieve your vision?
  • How confident are you that you have the right strategies?
  • What is your value proposition. Why would your patients choose you and why would they remain loyal?
  • How can you make your dental business more profitable?

This is your time to invest in the way that you think about your business. Your thinking will be tested and assumptions will be challenged. You may feel a little overwhelmed but when you have created a plan that you are committed to, and you have the support of being a Club Connect member, you will get results.

“Having worked with Kevin since 2009, I have seen his ability to rapidly identify the blockages in any business and logically create a plan that will overcome them.”
Rachel Elnaugh
Former TV Dragon and Entrepreneur


“Kevin has helped us focus our efforts on the dental practice and improve both the patient experience and the bottom line. I particularly like his focus on doing what is right for the patient and the rest follows”
Donald Sloss
Clock Tower Dental Care

Monthly coaching call to keep you on track

This is your opportunity to step away from your surgery, no matter how hectic your day has been, a space to think things through.


Either Jan or Kevin will speak with you each month and through a combination of coaching and honest feedback, work with you to develop you and your dental business. Whilst we will have common values with you and proven ideas to share, we recognise that no two dental businesses are the same. Your business challenges, issues and opportunities are unique but we can assure you that you will get a new perspective on them. New perspectives produce new answers to your questions about your;

  • Vision and long term planning.
  • Current biggest business challenges.
  • Business strategies.
  • Team and personal effectiveness.
  • Financial results and objectives.

“My monthly meetings are always productive. It is often my only chance to think about my business in an organised way. I get results, refocussed, organised and more confident with each one”
Frank Goulbourn
Bancroft Dentistry

What’s in the programme?

We will adapt the content according to the experiences and challenges within your group as well as guiding you through the following;

  • Know The Numbers. Grow your business and improve it’s financial performance, by learning how to interpret financial data, build a financial plan and set realistic budgets.
  • Inspire With a Shared Vision. Lead your business and inspire your team to achieve success.
  • Attract The Right Talent. Recruit the right people, manage the difficult ones and build a team that you are proud of.
  • Retain The Right Talent. Reduce staff turnover by retaining the key talents and developing the skills that you need in your team.
  • Put Your Patients First. Differentiate your business from its competitors.
  • Lead and Let Others Manage. Improve your own efficiency and income by learning what and how to delegate with confidence.
  • Take Care of Yourself. Too often this gets forgotten, but we believe that personal wellbeing and business success can go hand in hand.

“The first thing to recognise is that just like we all tend to invest in clinical courses in order to improve our skills, doing the same for your business does not mean that you have failed. This is not about taking you and your business to A&E because it’s broken, it’s more like taking you and your business to a boot camp to get fitter and stronger.”
Matt Perkins
Specialist Periodontist

kevin rose dental business coach

Kevin had approximately 19.25 happy years of leading, financing and developing small businesses before he got bored for around 7 months and 12 days, threw away his ties and decided to ‘do something’ about dentistry when he noticed that his dentist didn’t have a website, seemed to make up his prices and never smiled.


Having interviewed hundreds of small business owners and set up businesses from scratch, he has a width of perspective and a depth of experience that he has been sharing in dentistry since 2009.


He has been steadily building a loyal group of clients and guiding them away from the painful mistakes that he has seen other regulated professions make. Through inspiration, direction and experience, he helps his clients lead successful dental businesses, with engaged teams and chairs full of loyal patients.

jan taplin dental coaching

Over a period of seventeen years, Jan is credited with developing one of Edinburgh’s finest dental practices. She’s also been involved with the Denplan Excel quality assurance programme since its inception.


By ensuring compliance with the terms of this prestigious accreditation, Jan helps to guarantee that it continues to deliver comprehensive clinical governance, whilst remaining an invaluable compliance tool.


In 2006, Jan became one of Denplan’s frontline dental advisors, helping to support the business’s 6,500 members. She remained in this role after the acquisition by SimplyHealth, building on her already substantial knowledge.


Passionate about helping practice owners develop great futures, Jan’s also expert at ensuring they enjoy true work life balance.

About Membership

club connect dental coaching

Members will be carefully selected to eliminate direct competition and ensure professional standards of confidentiality are rigorously maintained. Prior to acceptance, you’ll also be expected to complete a one-to-one interview, designed to identify that you have the drive and enthusiasm required to maintain the continued productivity of the group.


To be considered for CLUB CONNECT membership, simply complete the details requested.


Once we are both happy that CLUB CONNECT is right for you, setting up payment is simple and online using this link to set up your Direct Debit. You will receive an invoice advising you in advance of when your payment date will be. You can cancel your Direct Debit ay any time. Payment is protected by the Direct Debit Guarantee.


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