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£2475 including VAT

We don’t know exactly what your perfect ‘patient journey’ looks like, but you do.

You’re here because you’ve probably tried telling your team what to do and perhaps even scribbled a few inspirational words on some sticky notes, only to be left wondering what happened? The truth is that most people know what good patient service is, they just need some help occasionally in order to work out how to get it right, every time.


A Get Serving training workshop will help you and your team fix part or all of your ‘patient journey’, including before, during and after every patient visit.


All of our Get Together training workshops, including Get Serving are structured around what we know will work, but that does not mean we know best. We don’t do scripts or tell your team what to do. The Get Serving training workshop is about everybody really understanding what your patients want and then agreeing what to do about it.


get serving dental training
What is Get Serving?

Get Serving is a one day training workshop with Quality Assured CPD courtesy of Dentinal Tubules. It’s right for you if you want a team that have been trained to think, rather than a team that rely upon being told what to do…by you!


Get Serving solves the problem that sending your team on lots of generic courses can be expensive and inefficient, and that is why there are no scripts or instructions to follow.


A Get Serving training workshop with Quality Assured CPD, at your practice costs £2250 including VAT and this is the proven structure that we will work with…


  • Let’s start with a good chat upfront, to help us understand you, what is going to make you feel proud, your frustrations and the outcomes your are looking for.
  • Prepare you to share your vision of what will make you feel proud.
  • A facilitated conversation with your team so that everybody has a voice, understands what will make you feel proud and why it’s so important, including for your patients.
  • Let’s then get some fresh perspectives and actually walk in the shoes (yes sometimes that means getting out of your seats) of a patient or two. This is where change happens.
  • Probably a pizza or two before we all get our heads together and really think about fixing the the patient journey, and this includes putting right anything that everybody thought somebody else was doing.
  • You know scripting exactly what to do won’t work, because you’ve tried that. From the perspective of a patient and what will make you proud, we will break down and then rebuild your patient journey. Ideas from your team that will stick, not from a tick sheet that will then be forgotten.

“Kevin and the team at Rose & Co. have the ability to help you create an amazing patient experience. They inspire your team to work together, to achieve success and improvement, every single day.”

Ali Thompson, The Dental Barn
Will it work for me and my team?

Yes, if healthcare is more about them than it is about you. It’s really important that;


  • Everybody is committed to making changes and if they’re not, you’re prepared to step up.
  • The care in dental healthcare comes from creating a team that know how to behave, without a script and without being told what to do all of the time.
  • If everybody shows up when they are meant to and commits to what we discuss.


No, if you’re used to making excuses for your team.


Book an hour to work on your patient service challenges with us and we will explore if and how a Get Serving training workshop will work for you and your team.

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I’m delighted you are here because it means that you’ve recognised it’s time do something about ‘going to the dentist’ and that it’s not just about doing more things, it’s also about better things. 


I set up Rose & Co in 2009 from my kitchen table when my best mate (and dentist) asked me to ‘fix’ his dental practice. With what I have learned since then and the community of dental practice owners that I am proud to work with, we are building better dental businesses, and that makes the world a better place.



To explore how we can help you with your dental business, book a free call with us.


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