Encouraging More People To Visit The Dentist Since 2009

Here’s what Upen Vithlani, a partner at The Grove Practice in Leamington Spa had to say about his commitment to developing his leadership skills:

“I’ve achieved breakthroughs in delegating responsibilities and doing less. I spend less time than ever in the minutia because I can now trust my team to take charge”

Dental Business Coaching

Engaged teams. No selling

We believe that more people should regularly attend the dentist, and it’s daft that they don’t. We are helping to fix this by working with values based leaders to do better things now and because they want to, not because they have to.


Dental businesses built upon values do attract and retain loyal and motivated patients, and that makes the world a better place. We achieve this with a very simple philosophy, that engaged teams create wonderful dental practices where patients never need to be sold to.


And we know we’re not for everybody because we don’t do quick fixes, generate leads to convert, teach you ‘ethical’ sales techniques or even tell you what to do. We will get you thinking though, help you gain the insights that will shape your ideas that will get you the results that you want, and have fun doing it.


That’s our ‘why’, so what?

This is what we do


Develop you into a Leader

We know that this doesn’t even get a look in at dental school but it will make the difference in your practice every day. We help you become the boss that you want to be, turning chaos into calm.


Get You Heard

Most people need a dentist at some point so where are all the patients and why do some dentists have to worry about gaps in their books? We provide you with the marketing tools, the communication skills and the team, so that your voice stands out in the crowd, patients choose you and they stick with you.


The Geeky Stuff

It’s what made us nerdy when we were younger. The numbers, spreadsheets, SEO, forecasts and the things that give you the data to know where you have been and the insights that you need to know where you are heading.


Not on the Internet

You’ve probably tried it, but when has a Google search given you the answers to the questions that you really need? Questions about your leadership, your plans, your concerns, your team and your patients. As a leader, you need to know what you should be working on right now and what exactly does developing your dental business mean for you?




The things that once kept you safe are now keeping you small, and yet somehow you need to keep your hands in dentistry and your hands on your business.

A free call with us will help you do exactly that.

Club Connect

£475 including VAT per month

One to one leadership and business development coaching. It’s right for you if you want to fill the gap between the books and the theory, and the chaotic reality of trying to lead a dental practice

Club Connect Plus

£925 including VAT per month

Everything that Club Connect will provide you with, plus all the training that your team need with our quality assured CPD Get Together training workshops, delivered to you at your practice, when and where you need it

Dentology Podcast – Episode 71

In this episode, Kevin discusses his journey in the business world, including the origins of his company, which started in 2009 at his kitchen table, and its development up to the present day. With a strong desire to support others, Kevin explains his company’s philosophy and the services they provide to dental professionals, and offers valuable advice on what dental practice owners should currently be prioritising.

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This is why we do it

Reassuring You



To explore how we can help you with your dental business, book a free call with us.


We understand you’re busy, so book online to save lots of shenanigans with diaries. You can go old school too and send an email to connect@roseand.co  and we’ll get things sorted that way.