What is Dentinal Tubules?

Dentinal Tubules is a dynamic movement that encourages education, and professional and personal development, primarily within dental healthcare. It also nurtures global educational projects under the Tubules Foundation.

I expect these words are what artificial intelligence might conclude about Dentinal Tubules. But there is more to it, a very human story that perhaps only real intelligence can appreciate. This past week, Tubules gathered more momentum and I have been reflecting on what makes it so special.

At its core, the essence of Dentinal Tubules can be distilled into two distinctive qualities:

The public gets it.

To put it bluntly, if a member of the public walked into any of the lectures or presentations, they would see that it is for their benefit. Dentinal Tubules manages to uniquely balance the human desires to achieve both a volume of insight and quality of that.

 There is no need for anonymity – unlike the sources you may find on social media.

It’s necessary, although a shame, that many social media platforms compel people to hide their identity rather than be vulnerable. Dentinal Tubules does not require an anonymous button because it encourages personal growth which, if achieved effectively, requires us to find a safe place to be vulnerable and ask the pivotal questions.

In essence, Dentinal Tubules is precisely that – a safe space for personal growth that benefits the people the profession is meant to serve – the public; your patients. No compromises.

Dhru and his dedicated team have been building Dentinal Tubules since 2008, planting trees that they will never see fully grown. While some may encounter sudden triumphs along the way, their focus remains on the mission, and for those people, their success won’t dwindle.

For some, success is to be dwelled upon. The team at Dentinal Tubules won’t dwell on their success.

Because they won’t dwell on it, it will never go away.

Although it is more challenging to pause and respond with questions, we must endeavour to do so more frequently for the betterment of both you, as the dental professional, and your patients.

Let us remember that the discourse occurring within the metaphorical “Wheelie Bin Search Engine” (see my previous post, in case you missed it) is never purely technical; rather, it’s human. Unlike dentists and dental professionals, patients discuss dentistry in terms of their own understanding and pre-existing knowledge.

I can help you develop your dental team to have better conversations with their patients. An understood leader will naturally mould an understanding team.

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