How Engaged is Your Team

Jan from Rose & Co gives her top tips on engaging your dental team.

How Engaged is Your Team


Do you have an engaged team?

Do you think your team feel valued?

Do you think they want more money?


Well, the last may be true, but it may surprise you to know that many employees do not state more money being the reason they work where they work.

Feeling valued, part of a team, working towards a bigger goal and understanding where the business is going, are all reasons why your team stay where they are and why they become engaged.

And an engaged team is a powerful marketing tool. Far wider reaching than an ad placed in the local press. Your patients see how engaged they are and it is a true reflection of your business.

To work with and in an engaged team is a delight, where everyone knows what to do without being constantly told. They understand the “ethos” of the business, they understand “how we do things here”…….

Ultimately, they understand the “WHY”.


How do you achieve an engaged team, is it a magic formula and it is possible for all?

At Rose and Co we start with YOU, the dental business leader and your vision.

Once you are clear on your message we help you communicate that to your team.

We guide you to lead your team and understand how an engaged team is key to building and growing your business.


There are plenty of articles about employee engagement, here are a couple that will resonate.


If you are feeling your team is letting you down, then it may be time to address these issues.


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