Rose & Co. Team Engagement and Satisfaction Survey

Your practice is invited to take part in this month’s Rose & Co. Team Engagement and Satisfaction survey! Why? 

The rationale behind this is simple. Dental business leaders have a responsibility to make sure their teams are satisfied and fulfilled, which in turn creates a successful dental practice. I am dedicated to supporting your journey towards leading a successful dental practice, and the invaluable insights gained from the results of this survey will help you achieve this.

These surveys are completed every six months in collaboration with the members of our Club Connect leadership and business development group. Recent surveys have shown an 18% increase in employee engagement and satisfaction, during which time we have seen consistent improvements in results.

The results and improvements extend beyond financial gains, rather, the financial results are a direct consequence of our members’ commitment to their patients and team. The dental business owners within Club Connect are focusing on what matters to their patients and their dental team. The survey provides us with valuable and anonymous insights into what is working amongst our clients and what can be improved.

This month, we are broadening the scope of our survey to gain deeper insights and understanding into the levels of engagement and satisfaction within dental teams. By partaking, you will not only have access to the survey results but also the opportunity for me to personally explore them with you, guiding you towards simple changes and a plan that will help your practice and your team to develop and grow.

The process is simple. All you have to do is reach out to me via email with the details of your practice. Then, you will receive a practice-specific code to share with your team which will provide them access to the survey. 

We have set the deadline for your team to complete the survey as the 22nd of this month. Each team member can expect to spend approximately 5 minutes on the survey, and rest assured, all responses will remain entirely anonymous.

Once I have received the results of your survey, I will conduct a one-to-one Zoom meeting with you and help you create a plan for 2024. 

You may schedule your Zoom meeting in advance now by using this link:

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