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Question Employees Should Be Asking Dental Employers

Imagine this for a moment and let’s turn the job interview table; they’ve had their chance and you’ve survived all of the questions from your potential new dental employer, when they throw you the classic and yet potential curveball question…

“What questions would you like to ask me?” 

Perhaps you have thrown this question at a candidate or  you may have been on the receiving end of something similar. Either way, a potential employer may get a stock answer and therefore be none the wiser, because an Internet search will reveal plenty of well trodden do’s and don’ts and familiar top ten tips about how other people suggest you answer this question. At the same time, the smartest candidates are asking better questions and I have first hand reports of  potential employers being held to account about what really matters, and being pushed to prove that they are serious about what they claim to be serious about. And rightly so, because when even the biggest commercial laggards are finally waking up to the importance of the ‘new’ business language  of ‘purpose and values’, I think we should expect the best candidates to ask questions that test the validity of any bold ethical, moral and purposeful claims. Employers, be prepared for this question from the best candidates, and candidates I urge you to be the best by being brave enough to ask;

“Can you demonstrate when the leadership team within your organisation have made a decision based upon it’s claimed core values and purpose?”…or something to that effect, in other words, prove to me that you’re serious about what you claim to be serious about, because if you can’t do it, how the heck do you expect anybody to believe in you?

We’ve seen a shift within the last 12 months with many of our clients and how they now recruit. Many have adopted our popular and highly recommended ‘we’re always recruiting’ approach for example and as one client put it, “…the CV’s seem to somehow find us nowadays!”. But perhaps more significantly, and somewhat paradoxically, whilst it takes a very strong leadership team to be confident about being held to account during the interview process, being confidently held to account during the interview process, will  attract the most talented individuals.

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