Pace yourself

Kevin at Rose & Co gives sound advice on how slowing down can often result in faster progress in your dental business

Pace yourself

I have spent the past few days having a scheduled “gap week” top and tailed by the excesses of the BACD and The Private Dentistry Awards and took the advice of Supercoach Michael Neil to have an average day which in fact has been an average week. What does this mean?

It simply means that when we let go of attachment to outcome, be easy on ourselves rather than striving and fighting all of the time then it’s a useful reminder that “good enough” is pretty much always good enough. I don’t mean not caring, or even doing nothing (I know I have been productive this week) but that to slow down once in a while often results in faster progress…faster progress with the important things.

I have read and heard lots of well intended advice recently for dental business owners. Lot’s of “should, need and must” but I have also seen lots of burnout recently too.

Racing and hunting make one wild in the heart Lau Tzu

Give yourself permission to have an average week.

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