Listen To The Patient And He Shall Give You The Diagnosis

Kevin at Rose & Co demonstrates how frustrating it can be for patients when they don't feel they are being listened to.

Listen To The Patient And He Shall Give You The Diagnosis


A challenging week that required a large jug of coffee on the M4.

I pulled in to the otherwise wonderful drive thru for my regular caffeine fix…

Talking sign – “Welcome to Starbucks, can I take your order please?”

Kevin “Good morning. I would like a regular cappuccino, two sugars, no chocolate please. That’s all”

Talking sign – “Would you like any pastries or muffins with that?”

Kevin – “No thank you, just the cappuccino.”

Talking sign – “Would you like any chocolate with that?”

Kevin – “No, like I said, just the cappuccino with two sugars. That’s all, thanks”

Drive around the corner to the till

Lady at till number 1 – “Is that a cappuccino with two sugars, no chocolate?”

Kevin (bemused) – “Yes please.”

Second lady at till comes to take money – “Would you like pastries or muffins today?”

Kevin (annoyed) – “No, still the same order please”

Third person appears, wearing a ‘manager’ badge.

Kevin (curious and slightly pedantic) – “Can I suggest that you don’t keep asking me if I want pastries and muffins and listen to what your customer wants”

Manger – “Oh, yeah but we have to ask in case you are a mystery shopper”

Kevin – “huh?”

Manager – “Yeah, we’ve told the bosses but they insist that we up-sell”

Kevin – “But what if I am the mystery shopper?”

Manager – “Exactly, but we have to up-sell. It’s the rules”

Kevin (almost lost for words) – “Cheerio”

As Sir William Osler said “Listen to the patient and he shall give you the diagnosis”


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