Why Do You Accept Boring Training Sessions?

Most dentists I know enjoy downloading information, facts and figures. I wonder if this is the reason such an academic approach to learning has become accepted in dentistry. But just because something has become accepted, does it make it acceptable?

For you and your team, there must be a better way than the conventional bombardment of slides, theories and presentations, right? Of course there is a better way!

Think about the most powerful lessons you have been taught. There will be something or somebody that moved you, shifted your thinking, and provided you with insights and fresh perspectives. This is how we learn.

Over the years, we’ve seen well-intentioned ideas being presented in a manner that leaves everyone confused, and nobody remembers. It’s challenging because, despite your frustration, there is no one-size-fits-all approach to learning, working together, evolving new ideas, and caring for your patients. This is why scripts and instruction manuals struggle in dentistry because they constrain ideas when inspiration and common sense would otherwise provide the answers.

Things you can do:

• Be clear in your communication. When you achieve clarity, your team will be better equipped to uncover solutions to problems that may have been concealed or deferred to protect someone else’s role.

• Maintain a curious mindset. If your practice is still new and exciting, you’ll naturally ask probing questions that challenge established processes and routines. If the novelty has worn off, get back into the habit of curiosity that once served you well.

• Don’t shy away from addressing issues head-on. Being direct in your communication is not synonymous with being harsh or unpleasant. It’s about addressing challenges honestly and constructively.

• Don’t be afraid to be vulnerable. Sometimes, the issue at hand may have something to do with your approach or behaviour. Be willing to acknowledge this and make necessary adjustments.

• And finally, talk to us! We can help if you;

∙ Desire lasting results that extend beyond distributing CPD certificates.

∙ Want your team to take ownership of their professional development.

∙ Wish for an alternative to mundane presentations and borrowed ideas.

∙ Want interactive training workshops that your team enjoys.

∙ Wish your team would engage with and reflect the values of your practice beyond a mere information-driven approach.

By actively being clear, curious, direct, vulnerable, and seeking our assistance, you can create an effective and engaging learning environment that goes beyond traditional methods in dentistry. Together, we can enhance the way your team learns and grows in their roles, along with your dental business.

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