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Why do only 20% of dental practices reach their true potential?

The answer might surprise you…

A very interesting chat this morning with a client who is flying at the moment and she has seen rapid improvements in the performance of her dental business. When pushed, she finally told me what had most significantly changed, not withstanding all of the obvious improvements we’ve made, and that there is something else at the heart of her successful dental practice.

She also reflected that whether it be the treatment plan, the bank balance, the dream team, recruitment and all of the stuff that Google claims to know the answers to, everybody has access to the same resources and advice, so why is that only 20% of dental practices reach their true potential?

“I have stopped chasing it” she explained, which is an nice ideal but what does it really mean?

“It’s the patient that doesn’t need to be defensive and pull their barriers down because they know there is no ‘sell’ coming. It’s the otherwise tricky pay review that starts by truly understanding each others perspectives. It’s knowing when to say no and because it’s the right thing to do. It’s being totally detached from outcome, sleeping through the night, having a better business, more happy patients than ever, healthier smiles and better results.”

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