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Do you want to be ahead of Google?

The internet of not quite everything


The limitations of Google searches, for you.

Clubhouse – The intriguing thing is that there are live discussions and expert panels talking about the use of a technology that is so new, there are so far only a limited number of pages with Clubhouse related links on Google (and some of those have been there for just a matter of days or hours). This is great news, not just for the use of the platform directly but also because it is forcing people to have conversations for once. Picture that, Google hasn’t caught up yet and so we have to talk to each other, explore ideas, politely debate things, gain perspectives and insights, in order to trust each other and learn together.

Of course it won’t last, before long there will be thousands of pages dedicated to Clubhouse, somebody else’s list of ‘top ten tips’ that will resonate for some and some of the time, and then we’re back to hoping that the mysterious algorithm serves us what we want and when we want it.

But what if that Google search doesn’t deliver? That’s the irony of the online library of everything, it isn’t quite everything and just like in a physical library (shhh no talking please, stereotype librarian, Dewey system and all) we are hard wired to crave  human interaction and conversations, and yet sadly Google just doesn’t really encourage it.

The limitations of Google searches, for your patients.

This explains why patients have adapted so well to video consultations. Yes of course they can search for ‘clear braces’ and get page after page of confusing facts and aspirational images, but they also want to look you in the eye, have a conversation and decide if they trust you to meddle with their teeth or not.

How to be ahead of Google

Provide the answers to the questions that people most want to understand – the things that are not on the internet! 

Ok, so this is ambitious and please don’t take it too literally, but think about the limitations of a Google search, what that means for your dental practice and how you can be ahead of Google, just like Clubhouse is right now. For a start, there is the real potential for the growth of any business and that many will acknowledge that this comes more from your attitude, perspective and personal development as a leader, rather than from an endless search for some kind of well kept secret within the internet of not quite everything.

Think about it, we all have access to exactly the same resources and systems for the operation and leading of a dental practice, so therefore what makes some dental practices more successful than others? The real difference and what makes only 20% of teams and individuals reach their true potential are the conversations that we have, the conversations with ourselves and the conversations with the people that we surround ourselves with. The irony of the online library of not quite everything is that it’s hard to have a conversation in a library!

For your patients, you have the same opportunity. The only real way to cut through the noise of everybody else’s marketing in a very crowded online library is to provide your patients with answers to the things that they most want to understand. The things that they most want to understand are more likely to do with trust and trusting you in a conversation, then they are to do with answers to questions about teeth in a very busy silent library.

Dentistry is personal and the internet isn’t. This is your greatest opportunity.
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