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If the idea of selling to your patients makes you feel uncomfortable

The patient conversation is evolving. Nowadays, with your existing and potential patients likely to be having multiple conversations across numerous different platforms, it’s getting harder to gain their attention. We also need to think about the implications of Covid, the popularity of video consultations and the likelihood that they may have already done more research than ever before. All of this means that by the time they connect with you, they will have already been through much of their personal buying and decision making process.

This has a serious impact on the various roles and conversations in a dental practice. It means that we have to challenge some of the things that may have worked in the past, because they may now be out of date.

  • When and where are the most important conversations in your dental practice?
  • Who is having those important conversations and how confident are you about their effectiveness?
  • How does the consent process need to evolve?


We can help you with all of this. *The Get Understood training workshops are designed and proven to help dentists and dental team members. We don’t do sales courses to teach you to sell more dentistry.

We want more of your patients to understand how you can help them, because that way you will help more patients, which has to be a good thing. We want you to do that by being comfortable and confident with your communication skills and ability to communicate with different patients and in different situations.

*The Get Understood training workshops are delivered jointly by Kevin Rose and Simon Thackeray. Fixed price, with VAT – we come to you.

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