Finding The Common Ground – where patients become loyal

Dental business thinking exercises to get you thinking about your business and the direction your dentistry is taking

Finding The Common Ground – where patients become loyal


The second release of The Coffee Break Series is now available as a free download. It’s about how to find The Common Ground, the now not so secret place, where your dental patients become loyal.

The purpose of The Coffee Break Series is to get you really thinking about your dental business. Why you do it, how, as a Dentist do you lead & manage your team, what you can do to attract & retain loyal patients and of course build your talented dental business team.

You can learn more about, and download, The Coffee Break Series by following the link below:

Go to The Coffee Break Series of Business Thinking Exercises

That’s it… Switch on the kettle… Download… Get reading… Get thinking… Take action!

The forward thinking dental business leader will become an activist for better health and better dental health. This message will appeal to the common ground between dentists, their patients and surrounding communities.

This will change the perception of ‘going to the dentist’.


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