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Developing Trust with Photography on Your Dental Website

Developing dental practices, it is often necessary to ask my clients to put themselves in the shoes of their patients and this is no more important than when thinking about their dental practice website.

As a patient and looking for a new dental practice, you may already have anxieties about going to the dentist. You will want to be put at ease and kept in the loop about your treatment options rather than just being sold to. You will want to know about the ethos of the practice, as well as who will be treating you and in what kind of environment.

When your patients visit your website, they are there to develop a degree of trust before they even step in the door. Of course, it will be extremely difficult to develop this if all they see are stock photos and banner ads for dental treatments that they may not so far have any interest in.

This is why great dental practice photography is so important and why it is included in most of our fixed price dental website packages. When we take pictures for you, we capture the moments that matter, of nervous patients being reassured, of receptionists smiling to greet your new patient; real people and real moments that matter.

Over the years, we have learnt that people like to see people and friendly faces can make the difference between a potential patient leaving your website as opposed to making that first step to become a member of the practice.

All of our Prominence websites come with a full day’s photography during which we will take up to 500 unique shots to use on your website. As well as implementing them into you website, we provide you with high resolution and fully processed files, so you can use them in your social media and marketing channels. Often, we also take video clips within your dental practice because it will add movement to your website and emphasise the patient journey even further.

No two websites should look the same. No excuses. This includes having unique images and photography.

We deliberately only build around one or two websites per month because this allows us the time make each one personal and unique. We would prefer you not to have to wait, but our attention to detail means that it takes around 3 months to turn your dental vision into your dental website reality. If you would like to see your dental practice benefit from a website that stands out rather than falls into line, let me know and we will do the rest.

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