Employee Engagement

‘Employee engagement’ is a management buzzword in dentistry these days. What does it mean? Should you be using it? Let’s TALK NOW.

If you Google the phrase ‘employee engagement’, be prepared for many pages of useful, confusing, and occasionally contradictory advice. Alternatively, you can read our advice (which is always useful) and some insights on the topic from our Club Connect members.

The research and commentators seem to suggest the same thing. They maintain there are lots of ways your team will benefit by you investing in their ‘employee engagement’. Yes, it applies to the self-employed members of your team too. For example, you can expect lower team turnover, stress, and absenteeism as well as improved patient service, productivity, and collaboration.

Our Club Connect members have improved their team engagement from 68% to 80%, in the past 9 months. This means that more people than ever are confidently saying ‘yes’ to key questions. These key questions have been researched and designed to test the leadership skills and behaviors of our members.

Upen Vithlani, a partner at The Grove Practice in Leamington Spa, has committed to developing his leadership skills

“I’ve achieved breakthroughs in delegating responsibilities and doing less. I spend less time than ever in the minutia because I can now trust my team to take charge”


To achieve the same results as Upen and move your practice forward as a complete team, you must be prepared to make changes and provide the resources and support that your staff need. We will tackle tough questions in which we will identify issues in your practice. Issues that can, and will, be fixed. Too often in dental businesses, the challenging conversations are not begun. At Club Connect, we dive into them.

What does your team need to develop and grow?

Are their expectations in line with yours?

You will identify if you have the right people, and what makes them so.

Our Club Connect members tell us that none of this is easy, you know that too, but they have achieved it with the support of each other. By being challenged and forced to ask questions that would otherwise never be asked.

If you are ready to do more of what you want, and build a team that wants to do it with you, we can help.

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