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Be prepared for July 19th

The narrative from Downing Street is suggesting that it’s going to be masks off from 19th July, and hopefully that will prove to be a good thing.

It also spells trouble because whilst we remain on the current path and without clear direction, it still won’t be business as normal in dental practices, and this will no doubt befuddle or even anger patients and some members of the public. Just as we had some chaotic scenes in dental practices last June and whilst everybody got used to some new procedures, the lifting of restrictions ostensibly ‘everywhere’, will  provoke some challenging questions from patients when it may appear to them that dentists are being ‘awkward’ and yes I really think that is how they may see it. …human behaviour tends to repeat itself.

Dental teams will need to be ready for 19th July because everybody needs to think about how they are going to respond, when questions are asked about procedures in dental practices being seemingly at odds with everywhere else.

This is going to take some explaining. No amount of reciting even the most well prepared statement or script  will cut it, and you know how effective a ‘computer says no’ mentality is at raising everybody’s blood pressure! You will therefore need to coach your teams to think about how they are going to think about responding to the unique perspective of each patient as it is presented to them.

Just like going in to lockdown, the most effective and well lead teams had already dropped top down management and monitoring. The right recruits with the right talents didn’t need to be told what to do or say and never welcomed being ‘empowered’, not because they know more or know better, but because great dental practice leaders allow their teams to work out what their job is and be accountable for it. Covid may not have changed the leaders but it has hopefully changed how we lead, and July 19th may well prove to be a test for many.

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