Worried where your practice is heading?

It’s probably a phrase you have heard of, or something you feel obliged to do, but how often do we step back and think about what ‘working on your business’ really means?

Well, you instinctively know that it’s not about fixing teeth, but neither is it a day off, gaps between patients, or buying stuff online, as wonderful as those things are! Working on your business is about thinking. It’s as simple as that. But what are you meant to be thinking about?

We’ve been exploring this for a while now with our business and leadership development group of practice owners, and often reduce it down to just three headings, direction, value and talent.

Where is the business heading, what is it doing to add value for the patients and referring dentists that it serves, and how is it attracting and retaining the right talent to do so? To get you thinking then, consider the hugely important things that if left alone will one day become an existential crisis. In other words there are bears rumbling way over in the distance, that you can ignore for now, but not for too long.

But with so many distractions, it is important to plan and have protected time to think about the big stuff, because nobody else in your dental practice is going to do it for you. One of the ways to do that is by having a one-to-one conversation with somebody who is not afraid of talking about the bears, even the ones you can’t see or hear yet.

At Club Connect, our members have regular group meetings and one-to-one coaching sessions, so that they develop as leaders, and their businesses develop through their leadership. We are not for you if you want a set of magic instructions to get results by a week on Monday. If on the other hand, you need help working on your business, to think about what direction, value and talent means for your dental practice,  then we have a welcoming, friendly and proven environment that will help you keep the bears away.

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