What do some dental practices do to get better results year upon year?

Be successful in dental practice and dont drown under dental business issues

What do some dental practices do to get better results year upon year?

What are they doing differently and what are you missing out on…

That’s one of the questions that some dentists are considering as we approach yet another round of Social Media headlines prompting you to think differently about 2020 and make it your ‘best year ever.’

Yes, of course some dental practices are managing to get consistently better results every year. We know that because there are some key things that we watch with our clients, so that we can all see what progress they are making. And we’re not just talking about the airbrushed Social Media  ‘reality’ that we are encouraged to present nowadays, we’re talking about the real results that will help you ride some of the tougher waves that happen in the real world of owning a dental practice.

But let’s face it, for some it’s tough at the moment because dentists are scared and because of regulation, the fear of litigation, worrying how to fill gaps in the book, staffing issues and not to mention the physical demands of actually doing some dentistry too. So what’s the answer? Throw some money at the problem, bury your head in the sand or even throw the towel in? Well, I hope not, although I do respect anybody’s response to whatever issues they are facing right now, however tough they are for you and however minor you might think they are perceived to be by somebody else.

We’ve had a tough year too. Growing our business has not been without is challenges either and it’s the same for some of our clients. Helping our clients through tough times is however one of the reasons why we do what we do and in 2019 there have been some common themes that have really helped our clients:


  • Know the numbers. Good bad or indifferent. Knowing where you are will help you make better decisions about getting where you want to go.
  • Be clear on why you do what you do, and know how to communicate that with your team, so that they don’t need to be asking you or your manager what to do all of them time.
  • Recruit talented people and be firm and fare with those that don’t measure up or avoid being accountable.
  • Talk to other dentists that have been through what you are going through.
  • Don’t think that you have to do all of the lifting.
  • Have better meetings that get stuff done by digging a bit to find the issues and then dealing with them.
  • Avoid trying to get consensus about everything.
  • Allow yourself to be challenged.


Sure, that’s often all easier said than done but it’s certainly a start. We’re seeing year upon year growth with the dental practices that we work with and in 2020 you can access what we know works so that it can work for you too. It’s not all going to be easy and our help is never about ticking boxes or ‘painting by numbers’.

We’ve got lots of ways that you can access our help and for 2020 we have packaged everything that we do into 15 courses and workshops that you and your team can come along to as part of a simple monthly subscription plan. £295 including VAT per month, Rose & Co. Unlimited

If you’re not quite ready for that, we are hosting a series of three workshops where a programme of development for you and your dental practice will support you for the whole of 2020. It costs £350 including VAT per month and there are 6 places left. You will get protected monthly help and guidance as well as a safe environment to explore and apply what other dentists are doing differently. Join is in Birmingham in January, May and September at Club Connect

“I attended the Club Connect workshops for about 6 months before I completed and I did at first question whether that would be a good use of my time but I know now that it was the right thing to do. There is a lot of experience in that room, other practice owners that don’t mind giving you a few lessons, sometimes pretty harsh but always well meaning. It’s stopped me making some huge and expensive mistakes.”
Scott Phillips – Dentist


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