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Turn Off Your Phone and Take a Holiday

For the owner-lead dental practice where typically the practice is reliant upon the revenue of the principal dentist, you’ll recognise that the team are also reliant upon the decision making of the principal dentist too. Indeed, often the main brief from a client is in essence for us to help create a business that allows the principal to go on holiday and confidently turn off their mobile. We help dental practice owners do that. Put simply, if you remove the reliance upon one person to make most of the decisions, everything else tends to work itself out, including profits.

So where do you start? Well, no amount of telling your team what to do and how to behave is going to prepare them for situations that require them to think for themselves. Recall those moments when you’ve had a knock on your surgery door, when you’ve solved the problem but then often left wondering why nobody else seems to be able to think like you do? Now imagine you have team members who are confidently telling you what they have already done, discussing the thinking behind decisions that they have already made and learning from each other.

Every day there are critical moments with patients, both in and out of surgery and every one is different. Because of the unique circumstances relating to each critical moment with every patient, it’s impossible for anybody to know exactly what to do in advance. Of course there are common themes and structures to think about, but that patient, those unique circumstances…can anybody really know exactly what to do or say before the event? That is why prescribing an advanced set of instructions never works and only adds to the chaos, whereas what’s really required is a human being that thinks and in response to every unique critical moment. This is how you avoid that knock at your door and ‘tell me what to do‘!

When you successfully explore with your team how to think about the moments that matter with patients, you remove the need for you to make all of the decisions. When you remove the need for you to make all of the decisions, you get to turn your phone off. Happy holidays!

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