It’s OK to think

It’s OK to think


You may recall that the Chief Executive of a borough council was once criticised in the press for putting aside one day per week to work from home, to just think.

It’s probably easy to join the commentators and critics and agree with their sentiment too. But, when you think about it, a Chief Executive should be thinking and be thinking a great deal about the business. A Chief Executive shouldn’t actually be “doing” a great deal, not in terms of day to day production. This idea does not entirely transfer to owner managed dental practices of course, because generally the owner will also need to be the main fee earner. However the owner should certainly be putting aside time to think, however tempting it might be to squeeze in one more patient and bump up the days income. So how can you make this protected time effective? Well, we are probably slightly biased by suggesting that you can spend that time with a third party or in peer development group, it is after all one of the core services that we offer. But, we also accept that it’s not for everybody and either way, we encourage you to think about your business not only directly with us but also in your own time. Here are a few thoughts about the direction that your thinking should be heading in. Although not exhaustive they will begin to help you make your business thinking time both structured and effective;

  1. What are your biggest challenges right now?
  2. What do you really want to achieve?
  3. What are the key strategies that will help you achieve your vision?
  4. How confident are you that you have the right strategies?
  5. What knowledge or skills is the business lacking?

We have also created a series of business thinking exercises that are designed to grow and develop your dental business. The Coffee Break Series is available to download now, it’s free and your only investment is your time*.

Visit the Coffee Break Series Pages  to download now.

*coffee not included.


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