how to make better decisions as a dental leader

How to Make Better Decisions as a Leader

The very best leaders in the industry possess a unique skill – the ability to direct their internal conversations by asking better questions.

Let me explain one of the ways that you can do it too, particularly when faced with important decisions about your dental practice.

As a dental business coach, my goal is to help you develop these essential skills, and I invite you to join our expanding Club Connect, where we work together to create thriving practices.

Be mindful of your internal thoughts and the language you use in your self-talk.

Observe the specific words and patterns that fill your mind, especially when faced with important decisions. You only need to observe them, don’t judge yourself, simply pay attention to some subtle differences. For example, let’s look at the different implications of “should,” “need,” and “want” in your decision-making process. When you tell yourself that you “should” do something, it carries a sense of obligation or expectation, potentially causing unnecessary pressure. On the other hand, “need” implies certainty or necessity, indicating a more critical requirement for your practice. Lastly, “want” reveals your personal emotions and voluntary preferences.

To make better decisions, it’s crucial to challenge your assumptions and question any deleted, distorted, or generalised information. Avoid falling into the trap of self-fulfilling prophecies by examining the reasoning behind your decisions. Start asking yourself questions such as “How certain am I?”, “How do I know?”, and “What evidence do I have?” These questions will lead you to a more informed and rational decision-making process.

Let’s illustrate the impact of asking better questions with a real-life example. A dental practice owner sought assistance after experiencing challenges since purchasing a new practice. They approached me with the desire to launch marketing campaigns targeting “ortho patients.” Instead of simply accepting their request, I probed deeper by asking about the basis of their decision, the research they conducted, and their level of certainty about its success.

Through questioning, the dental practice owner realised that their initial plan was nothing more than a comfort blanket providing the illusion of being busy. With proper analysis, we identified that a comprehensive change in the practice’s strategy was necessary. Three years later, what was once a struggling practice is now flourishing, all thanks to the power of asking better questions and reevaluating decisions.

As your dental business coach, my mission is to help you enhance your leadership skills and create a thriving dental practice. Our Club Connect members are equipped with the knowledge and tools to make better decisions through coaching and collaboration within our supportive community. We are excited to announce that we have three available spots for new members starting in August.

The path to becoming an exceptional dental business leader lies in directing your internal conversations with better questions. Challenge the assumptions behind your decisions, evaluate the evidence, and make informed choices that can transform your practice.

By joining our Club Connect, you’ll gain access to a network of like-minded professionals dedicated to growth and success. Take the first step towards becoming the best version of yourself as a dental business owner – master the art of asking better questions.

Together, let’s create a future where your dental practice thrives and prospers.

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