dentinal tubules conference

The Dentinal Tubules Congress

Communicating with each other, our patients, all leadership, as well as influencing and persuading others, happens on two levels.

Level one is of course the obvious ‘data’, the facts, the words, and figures that we consciously process. Level two is less obvious or even not understood and yet it is likely to carry the most weight. That is because level two is that gut feeling you get when for example the words and the actions don’t seem to match. It is this incongruent communication that causes problems. It is the reason why your team and your patients are able to process your well-intended instructions and treatment plans, only to leave you wondering sometimes what the heck has just happened when things don’t work out.

The answer to communicating congruently goes much deeper than learning about body language, leadership and selling skills. Research now tells us that we can each mirror brain activity, and that pretty much debunks any notion that we can hide our true intentions by using yet another set of the latest techniques or top ten tips. This explains why we just don’t trust some businesses and the people that lead or serve in them. Human beings have just got too good at reading each other. Evolution simply can’t be beaten by the next faux leadership or communication revolution.

At this month’s Dentinal Tubules Congress, when what felt like a generation of dentists and team members from the “Tubules Community” finally got to meet each other for the first time in months, there was plenty of congruent communication. There were few egos to get in the way, and plenty of abundant attitudes to sharing and learning together for a bigger cause. One person always stands out at any Dentinal Tubules gathering and yet he is often both the quietest and humblest person in the room…Dhru Shah carries no ego and lives for learning and a much bigger cause.

I was fortunate enough to run a workshop on leadership at the Congress and one quote (I only wish I could take credit for this) next to a picture of a small unassuming guy, wearing jeans and a black polo shirt, caught the mood and the very essence of congruent communication. We were of course exploring Dhru’s leadership and what happens when great leaders take action. Dhru doesn’t need to tell you he is a leader with purpose, he just leads and gets on with it, like building a school in Kenya.  This is the quote that sums up what we want from great businesses, great leaders and communicators… “Don’t tell me you’re funny, make me laugh!

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