The Dental Business Leadership Gap

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The Dental Business Leadership Gap


As one dental business leader succinctly put it “It’s that uncomfortable feeling you get when you close your surgery door to look after your patient, knowing that as soon as you do, you can’t be completely certain that the team are going to behave the way you want them to!”

The effects of having a “leadership gap” are obvious; high staff turnover, wage increase demands, volatile teams and a poorly performing dental business. The temptation is often to jump in with some training to deal with the patient service issues, commission some marketing to deal with the ‘white space’ or have a hastily gathered team meeting and demand change. These strategies might work in the short term but rarely do they create lasting change and that ‘uncomfortable feeling’ comes back around again. Before you know it, it’s head down and straight into your surgery in the morning to avoid any confrontation, negative feedback is watered down, nobody is ever truly accountable and well intended meetings that should improve the situation either go off at a tangent or you just find yourself trying to ‘make peace’.

We have been working this week with Dental Business Leaders at our Club Connect workshops, to help them identify their leadership gaps and develop robust strategies to deal with them. We have also been using the results of our 2015 Dental Business Leadership Survey to help them have further insights into their own leadership development and to get help them get a deeper understanding of what is really happening in their dental businesses.

We have had plenty of ‘ah hah’ moments too and the results of the survey, some fascinating turnaround case studies as well as general tips and advice will be published in the next release of The Coffee Break Series business thinking exercises.

If you would like to be one of the first to get your hands on the latest Coffee Break Series, register your interest now. We will send you the first two releases straight away to help get you started on the next step of your business leadership journey.

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