Creating Confident Dental Practice Managers

Rebecca from Northlight Dental tells how Club Connect M benefited her in her role as Dental Practice Manager

Creating Confident Dental Practice Managers


Club Connect M is a leadership and business development group for dental practice managers. We spoke to one of our Club Connect M members to discuss why she is coming back for more in 2018.

Rebecca*, you have successfully been through the Club Connect M programme in 2017 and yet there is no formal qualification or a certificate to show for all of your efforts, so exactly what do you get from being a member of Club Connect M?

I find the meetings to be very useful and informative. I have benefited from being part of a group of like-minded managers, who are driven to become better dental practice managers.

What do mean by like-minded?

We are all motivated to move our practices forward and become the right hand woman (and man!) for the practice owners.

That all sounds very grand, but exactly how do you benefit from being a member?

I feel that I have learnt a great deal from you and Louise. I now know and understand the importance of the financial aspects of the business, and I have developed a ‘dashboard’ which is a fantastic tool to see how well the business is doing. I now look at the monthly reports and I can see where we need to improve, how our clinicians  are performing and how effective our marketing is. I have also developed an Annual Operating Plan for the practice which is a fantastic tool to show which areas of the business are in need of improvement. I can share this information easily with the practice owner and agree the next steps.

So lots of knowledge has been acquired then, and I am also interested to see if you have recognised the changes that we have seen in you as a manager?

Yes, I feel that I have become a better manager since attending these meetings. I think more ‘outside the box’ and feel more settled in my role. I am feeling really confident about 2018 and will continue to put into practice what I have learned.

What support have you had from the other members of the group?

I have found that being able to speak to other managers about any issues I have encountered or helping them to talk through their issues has helped me to build on my own knowledge.

What would you say to anybody who is intrigued to find out more about Club Connect M?

I know that you can benefit as I have and become a more competent and confident manager.

You have asked us to continue your own Club Connect M group into 2018, why is that?

I feel that I will still benefit from attending the groups and see it as part of my continued development and growth in my job.


We will be starting a new group in January 2019 and if you would like to join us, develop your skills and confidence like Rebecca has, then please contact us for an informal chat.


*Rebecca is the practice manager and referral coordinator at Northlight Dental in Bedfordshire.

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