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Better Dental Business Decisions


We’re about to open the doors again to Club Connect and to start things off we are hosting an introductory webinar on Monday 12th March at 7.30pm. If you are serious about your dental business but something is holding you back, you might like to join us if this sounds like you:

  • You want to develop and lead your dental practice but you are concerned about how to do that when you spend most of your time in your surgery doing the thing you’ve qualified to do?
  • You instinctively know that you need to ‘work on your business’ at some point but exactly what does that mean, what is it that you are meant to work on?
  • You’ve thought about turning to a colleague for help with this, but what about conflicts of interest and do they really have the width of perspective and depth of experience that will help you make those big decisions?
  • You’ve heard about ‘coaching’ and that it must be all smoke and mirrors right?

Club Connect has been the solution to this problem since 2009. Club Connect is an open and confidential environment where you can regularly join up to 6 like minded, current and future dental practice owners to combine and create your very own advisory group. It’s your group, no smoke and mirrors.

Each workshop is carefully facilitated by our team to provide you with the essential and proven leadership and business development structures that are successfully applied by our members.

You won’t be judged but you will be accountable to achieve results, as will we. You won’t be on your own, the group will support you and challenge you to achieve the full potential from you and your dental business.

You won’t be disappointed.

Each time your group meets, you will be working through a 12 month leadership and business development programme that will get you the results that you want.

As well as the proven structures that are shared amongst our members, core to the success of Club Connect are the ways that we allow our members to process their own dental business issues and challenges, ways that help them overcome them and make better business decisions.

And to keep you on track in between each of your workshops, you will also get monthly one to one coaching and mentoring from one of our team.

Members are carefully selected to avoid conflicts of interest and we are listening to new members right now.

If you are serious about developing your dental business and would like to join in the introductory webinar, we’d love to hear from you.


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