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The Irony of the Digital Library

There are some questions that dental business leaders have to answer and yet whilst Google, online access to somebody else’s formula, tips, tricks and top ten lists will provide you with an answer, it may not be the answer.

Some of the biggest questions that you will face as a dental business leader can only really be answered in conversation. Therefore the irony of having the largest ever digital library of everything in your pocket, is that nobody ever went to the library for a conversation.

Just think for a moment about the type of tough questions that you face as a dental business leader, the type of questions we help our members process every day. Questions about leadership, planning, strategy and increasingly wellbeing, and how these answers can come alive when the conversational filters of perspective and experience are applied;

How do you know you have the right strategy for your dental business?

What has ‘Covid’ taught you about your leadership style when things get tough?

What are the bottlenecks in your dental business?

These are the type of questions that many leaders struggle with and yet some don’t because of the benefits of exploring the answers in conversation. It’s one of the reasons that we host our Club Connect peer advisory groups for our clients, so that they can have these big conversations. Add to that the additional benefits of seeing things about your dental business that you may have been blind to, learning new ideas, sharing experiences, achieving results and holding each other to account.

We are delighted to be bringing our Club Connect workshops back again this month and we’ve now scheduled the dates all the way through to the end of 2021.

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