The Development of your Dental Business Manager

dental practice manager coaching

The Development of your Dental Business Manager

I joined Club Connect M in 2012 as a manager seeking to grow and develop confidence, to help manage a large dental practice.

I was welcomed into the group with my existing skillset and quickly felt I benefited from attending the groups.  Not only did I receive content to put into use in my practice but I had found a network of managers to share ideas and help with problem solving.  The supportive nature of the group also extended beyond the sessions themselves, where advice could be gained at any time.

I don’t think I was alone in finding that my job role initially was comparative to that of an administrator in my early days, but it was important to me to develop myself and the practice I worked in.  With little understanding on the financial side of the business, Club Connect introduced me to new concepts where I was then able to understand the performance of the business and look at areas that required development.  I recognised that carrying out reports are useful, but only if you review these and use them to make a difference.

I have learnt that leadership isn’t just a status, you have to demonstrate and inspire a team to work well and enhance their qualities.  This is very much a hot topic in Club M.

As my experience and knowledge has advanced, I have been involved with the mentoring of the recent Club M groups.  It was been rewarding to watch other Managers develop and to be a part of their progress.  Hearing how the managers have gained confidence in leading and develop their teams is fantastic.

I still face challenges in the workplace and I don’t expect this will ever change, but I believe I’m now better equipped to deal with these challenges.


practice manager coaching

Louise Butler

Practice Manager
The Maltings Dental Practice

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