Welcome to the team Simon

Simon Tucker has joined Rose & Co to help deliver our communication workshops

Welcome to the team Simon

Our recent blog post about the mis-selling dental time bomb, the Montgomery case, and it’s implications upon patient consent,  pushed the Rose & Co servers to maximum.

Thank you for all of the shares on Social Media, comments and messages. If you have not already read it then you can do so here.

Although the blog provides some general advice about what to do in order to reduce the likelihood of future mis-selling claims, it seems that there is demand from you to know more. We have therefore acquired the services of Simon Tucker to join the team at Rose & Co and to help us deliver communication workshops. These workshops are specifically aimed at dentists who may feel uncomfortable with idea of selling to their patients and want to build relationships with loyal patients, that proceed with the treatment plans that have been recommended to them.

Simon is well known to many in dentistry. He started out by knocking on doors with toothbrushes culminating in a senior role at Kerr. He has worked and lived in the UK, USA and Switzerland visiting dental practices in dozens of countries.

Recently, Simon and two colleagues built Medenta Finance from zero to over £24million per year in patient finance sales. In 2011 Medenta was sold to Practice Plan.

Having spent more than 32 years working with and observing dentists and dental technicians, Simon has built a wide knowledge of the inner workings of successful dental practices. His values sit comfortably alongside the rest of the team at Rose & Co and we look forward to sharing his knowledge and experience with you.

We are now taking bookings for the first of these workshops in March 2016. No early bird gimmicks or discounting, just straight forward value for money and only 12 places available.


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