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Running on Empty

You don’t really need to ask your teams how they are right now, because they will be feeling the same as you and everybody else. At one of our leadership workshops last week we explored what the best are doing differently right now with their teams, who are in the main all pretty knackered…

There is of course an urgency too, because it’s that time of year and running a practice is putting more demands on our dental business leaders to want and ask more of their teams. But be careful with what you try and fill them with right now and pause before you run another meeting to tick yet another box. Instead think about what we all need and what we have all needed for the past nearly two years. It is even more important right now to look after our teams in ways that might not seem so obvious or indeed offer immediate business benefits. But remember that your business is made of people and people need to be cared for.

Start your next meeting with ways that will help you understand and develop everybody’s health, state of mind, emotions and spirit. That important but ever so boring meeting about decontamination protocols might then just be a bit more palatable for everybody.

Everybody is running on empty, but make sure that you fill them with the right kind of things, not just anything and everything.

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