Make Me Feel Safe

Make Me Feel Safe

The benefits of making your patients feel safe

You can both feel when you’re shifting the intention towards spending some money in order to get something done. That’s selling and it can make people feel awkward.

If they’ve come to you to talk about spending some money in order to get something done, that doesn’t override the need to understand each other, to get valid and informed consent, to establish material risk, to put your patient first, to care and to make them feel safe. Crossing a line that you both know is there, feels manipulative. Even though to a greater or lesser extent, we all want to feel in control, nobody wants to feel threatened and that they’re being directed towards agreeing to something.

Caring doesn’t feel awkward because you can both feel when the intention is to simply share an understanding, in a safe environment, of why getting something done might be an option. That’s healthcare, as much as it is friendship, parenting, mentoring or even just being there for somebody.

Sometimes your intention speaks so loudly, people can’t hear what we are saying. Shift your intention towards a shared understanding and you will always be heard.

The benefits of making your team feel safe

The latest research into employee engagement* is not looking good and it reveals a frightening culture of low engagement, loneliness, impacted mental health and other issues.

Nobody should feel that they are not good enough, intelligent enough, talented enough or confident enough in any environment, least of all at work. How your team feel about where they come to work shapes their behaviours and your shared results.

Unfortunately as a leader, you have very little control over how other people think, including what they think about working in your dental practice. The best that you can often do, is create an environment where they feel safe and to communicate on their terms.

*Gallup State of the Global Workplace 2024

The benefits of a safe place to talk it through

Too often the first issue is not the only issue and searching online for answers can get intimidating.

The disengaged team might moan about pay, but pay won’t engage them. There is something else we can talk about.

The dental practice that is chasing the numbers, might hit them, but at who’s expense? There is something else we can talk about.

Whatever is holding you back, we provide a safe place to talk about it.

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