Are you in dentistry but operating out of fear?

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Are you in dentistry but operating out of fear?


One of my frequent chats with Dhru Shah today, prompted by how last week a client described in a video and the end of our day together, that he was no longer operating out of fear. In his words, “a revelation in a positive way!”. 

Todays chat was more significant than normal though because it is pretty much 10 years ago to the day that I first met Dhru. At the time Dhru had some crazy idea about building an online learning platform for dentists. To be honest this was just another conversation about building an online learning platform for dentists, until he told me why he wanted to do it…

Get ready, this is the big picture and purpose bit…

Dhru believes in education for everybody. Tubules, it’s purpose, his purpose, Specialist qualification and driving endless miles around the country, have never been about making money. You just know with Dhru it’s much much bigger than that and that is why it works. It’s like dentists that tell you they want to “sell more private treatments” or become “better leaders”. It always comes back to why you want to do either in the first place. These conversations tend to go one of two ways. 

Conversation one is grounded in fear. To sell treatments to pay yesterdays bills, hit a target or keep another party happy. Those looking to become better leaders are often looking for a way to achieve what has only ever previously failed when trying to “get the team onboard”.

The second comes from the heart and is grounded in values and purpose. It’s about keeping the right side of the sometimes blurred line between selling to a patient to fuel a vested interest, and communicating with patients in a way that they can understand. The “better leader” is often just a leader that hasn’t yet recognised that it’s only their perspective and state of mind that needs to change; to move away from operating out of fear.

This lead us to a workshop that Dhru came along to. It was the first time that we had gathered for the day, a group of dentists to explore leadership and business development.

Dhru had a fear that day, he had a fear of mice and it was affecting his life. It was stopping him from doing many things. Other dentists had their own business fears too, and we looked at them from different angles, to get new perspectives, insights, ideas and solutions. With Dhru we had to do a little bit of magic too, some NLP, hypnosis and a rapid phobia cure!

It was a breakthrough day for us too back in 2009, recognising the importance of developing a  way to work with dental practice owners that doesn’t just ‘hope there will be no mice today’ but that ‘mice are no longer a problem’.

10 years on and we have gathered some expert speakers to explore leadership and business development with a group of dentists, many of whom were there in 2009, including Dhru. There  could be some mice, and there probably will be some fears, the fears that are holding you, your practice and your team back. 

As Dhru put it, “the width of perspective and depth of experience in the room on 30th March will be enough to remove the fears and all of the problematic mice for your guests, Kevin”. And you know what, he’s right too, when you are no longer operating out of fear, dentistry and mice, look very different!

To get your hands on the last few remaining tickets, follow this link:


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