What Are The Most Successful Dental Practices Doing Differently?

Dental practice success in 2021

What Are The Most Successful Dental Practices Doing Differently?

12 months ago and pretty much before any of us had heard of “Covid”, you might have expected a headline like this to be preceded by a regurgitated list of top ten tips, well intended memes, and motivational quotes about new year resolutions. None of that has ever really been my style and as respectful as I am about any further rehashes of yet more of the same in 2021, I’ve also noticed a shift. That shift, like so many things in 2020 has had one enormous Covid fuelled rocket to propel it forward too. The shift really came to my attention in the days leading up to Christmas when I was receiving a surprisingly large volume of messages about my previous Blog. You might wish to read that one too, but in essence it seems that it hit a vein of common understanding about thinking, that is shared amongst some of the most successful dental business owners and dental business leaders that I know.

You see, at significant times and including those imposed upon us by noting laps around the sun, we revaluate. The whole of 2020 has provided the opportunity to revaluate and for many, that revaluation has created a shift in their thinking. That shift in thinking has confirmed what I have suspected all along, that the most successful dental practice owners focus more upon their thinking than you may have thought.

We’re not talking about having a few nice thoughts, a bit of positive thinking and a stroll around the park. Great dental business leaders have created and can explain their own methodology of how to think, when the rest are often struggling with what to think. This isn’t just some play on words either, it is an observation that I have been making since 2009 by carefully exploring what the most successful dental business leaders do differently. This begins to explain why in 2020 and when threatened by what for many became an existential crisis, others thrived. This was the difference between those that waited for things to happen, and those that went out and did the heavy lifting for themselves. This explains why some dental practices struggled with chaos for most of the year, when for others there was calm. 2020 was in many ways a level playing field and yet somehow the very same stream of facts and data that caused paralysis for some, created a frenzy of activity for others. When you strip everything else away, that somehow can really only be explained by how the best were thinking differently.

It seems that at Rose & Co. we were in the thick of it too in 2020 because the messages from the many that ‘got’ the previous Blog were not exclusively our clients, they included those that we have been fortunate enough to touch in 2020 with the opportunity that lockdowns and Covid provided. We will be stepping up again in 2021, with video and Zoom allowing us to now work with more dental practices than before. Both Club Connect and Reboot are now open for for 2021 and we would welcome the opportunity to explore if and how we can help you.

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