It’s okay to avoid the seasonal nonsense…

Christmas at Rose & Co.

It’s okay to avoid the seasonal nonsense…

So, before you cry ‘humbug’, no I am not talking about anything family and festive. Crikey we all need a break, but I am talking about the inevitable seasonal rush to overanalyse the year that has passed and make plans and predictions for the next.

This year, more than ever we have all had the time, the spirit and the resources to do what we too often leave until the sun sets on the year that has passed. Sure, choose to take part in the tabloidesque “top ten tips”, but also choose to take the pressure off, and don’t feel that you have to join in. 2020 has been the perfect opportunity after all to pause and rethink, and I am hopeful that you will have discovered that you get better results by knowing that where, when and how you choose to take time out is a choice, not an obligation.

We are delighted to have walked alongside so many of you throughout the year and grateful to continue that journey.

Enjoy the break.

Kevin and all the team at Rose & Co.

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