Going for growth in your dental practice in 2019?

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Going for growth in your dental practice in 2019?


Of course you are, who isn’t, but rather than just writing it down, what are you actually going to do to have the right people to get the results that you want for  your dental practice?

Team members come and go, they always will and it shouldn’t be a surprise and something we are not prepared for, so I love the idea of ‘always recruiting’ and what I mean are things like;

1 – Always recruit for the next part of the plan, not todays vacancy… line up your ducks!

2 – Involve all your team in recruiting. Make it everybody’s job to find the right people.

3 – Recruit for talent, not skills. Break away from the CV’s full of experience if you can and you want to do things differently.

4 – Don’t recruit just to get a bum on the seat. Better the seat is empty than have a “C” player sat on it.

5 – Use your Social Media and Website to say ‘work for us’, not just bland job adverts but a sense of purpose and excitement about joining your team.

And finally, here’s the biggest new year resolution and the strongest leadership message that you can make to see your dental practice grow… give the right people the right tools for the job and then get out of their way!

Yep, what an exciting time to be a leader!

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