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What Google Won’t Tell You About the Predicted Economic Boom

With many economic commentators predicting a boom in consumer spending for at least the next 18 months, get ready to get busier, and the big question that will challenge many;  to know when and how to make increasingly important decisions. Unfortunately a Google search probably isn’t going to tell you how to run and lead a busy dental practice and still manage to do the day job is it?

So how do you avoid it being lonely at the top?

Many of our clients will tell us that they have developed personal strategies over the years to do this.  We know that having protected time, the necessary structures and a support network of trusted advisors are all important if you want to keep your hands in dentistry and your hands on your business, but what to the very best do differently?

Learn from Positive Intelligence (PQ)

Very quietly Shirzad Chamine, the author of Positive Intelligence has been transforming how many CEO’s and other other top performers operate. Positive Intelligence (PQ) and the extensive research and science that sits beside it, helps us understand why only 20% of teams and individuals reach their true potential, and what to do about it. We have made PQ an essential part of our work with Club Connect members in 2021 and this has extended to clients joining the PQ coaching programme.

Club Connect

PQ provides us with a shared framework that really is coaching our Club Connect members to perform at their very best. With so much data and information available online, increasingly dental practice owners are recognising the limitation of getting answers to questions about what to think and turning to professional coaching because they also need guidance with how to think about the development of their dental practices.

Like Mondays

Because we want you to like Mondays too, we have complimentary 60 minute coaching sessions for dentists and dental practice owners, to explore if and how we can help you. Book your session from this link. LIKE MONDAYS

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