2020 Has Been a Bit of a Stinker!

Overthinking the negative aspects of dental business in 2020

2020 Has Been a Bit of a Stinker!

I’ve never really cared that much for my inner critic, a bit of a saboteur even on a good day, with the ability to paralyse me by over thinking what could have or should have been. We can learn from the past but I am just not so certain that dwelling on it really ever helps. As much as we all want to rubber neck, be careful how much you stare into the rear view mirror of 2020. There will be plenty enough of analysis done for you, and good news tends not to fill headlines.

That’s a subjective outlook of course and one that I have had to learn to have once more (by first unlearning how to listen to my inner critic) but what this year has taught many of us is that when we can no longer do what we usually do, it reveals why we do what we do. I have been fortunate enough to have had that conversation on many occasions with dentists and dental teams for nearly 12 years (sometimes to anybody that cared to listen, with clients, to the occasional packed auditorium and the occasional empty one too)…values are always at the heart of any long term business and in particular healthcare.

Ever so slowly, even big businesses are being reminded of the importance of doing the right thing, and then for the results to follow. The most forward thinking leaders are not chasing customers, they are simply asking better questions and answering how to add value to those that they choose to serve. Some of this is rubbing off on dentistry too and you never know, perhaps even those most adamant about their ‘we’re accepting new patients’ messages will recognise that at some level, messages about what are drowned out by the need to first of all hear why you do what you do.

So, 2020 has been a bit of a stinker for sure, but…

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