Learn from the “woo woo”

Rose & Co have created business thinking exercises to help grow your dental business

Learn from the “woo woo”


If there was an index that measures the volume of motivational quotes on social media at any one time, then I think we would be seeing a seasonal high right now.

Similarly, if like me you find that your email inbox is overwhelmed with “new year / new start” type messages then don’t panic, there is some genuinely good advice out there.

The general idea seems to be that we all have to start 2015 by writing down our goals. Then depending upon your point of view, at the “woo woo” (that’s the metaphysics and not the drink) end of the scale the Universe will deliver through it’s powers of attraction or at the other end of the scale it’s “chin up, keep positive, and focus on your goals my son”. I’m respectful of your opinion either way. I’m as familiar with The Law of Attraction and some basic metaphysics as I am with spreadsheets and UDA’s.

What I am certain of is that our own state of mind has a massive effect upon our results. Therefore focussing positively on what you want to achieve has to be a good thing, whether you are about to race in a 100 metre sprint or create a business to provide the lifestyle that you want.

So before you delete all of those emails and dismiss all of those motivational quotes, it’s worth taking away that there is a place for a bit of “woo woo” in all of us and in many of those that we seek to learn from in business (Robert Cialdini, Jim Collins, Sir Richard Branson, Seth Godin, Stephen Covey, Napoleon Hill et al). All are advocates of setting goals and suggest that such a simple action can have a profound effect upon our state of mind. Perhaps we can all learn something from the “woo woo”!

We have created a series of business thinking exercises that are designed to grow and develop your dental business. We have included our own take on goal setting and developing you as a dental business leader. The Coffee Break Series is available to download now, it’s free and your only investment is your time*

Visit www.roseand.co/coffee-break-dental-business-exercises to download now.

*coffee not included


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