Healthcare Not Healthsell?

Kevin from Rose & Co hosts a webinar on how hard sell techniques can damage your dental business

Healthcare Not Healthsell?


Whenever we talk to dentists about ‘selling’, it seems to split opinion.

On one hand, most dentists understand the importance of being able to effectively communicate with their patients and to be able to efficiently explain the differences in treatment options. On the other hand, it can be frustrating when patients don’t seem to understand and on the face of it, the solution is to learn some kind of ‘sales technique’.

There is probably nothing wrong with however you choose to explain how you can help somebody, provided that it is done professionally, is for the right reasons, meets the GDC requirements and acknowledges that for now at least the impact of  ‘Montgomery’ has yet to be fully tested. However, ‘sales techniques’ often leave all parties feeling uncomfortable.

I have filmed a short video blog to explain what we learned with a group of dentists recently and that ‘closing’, ‘sales scripts’, ‘if I can show you a way….’ and ‘handling objections’ are not necessary.

You can, and without using ‘sales techniques’, have loyal and motivated patients, who proceed with the treatment plans that they want and that you have recommended.




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