How to get your team to buy into your vision

Buying into a dental practice team vision

How to get your team to buy into your vision

“Filmed at the Dentinal Tubules Dental Business Club on 15th February 2019, a lecture with impact that explores an important part of owning a dental practice.

This is especially aimed at new and recently established practice owners who have bought into practices. Kevin Rose delves into the various challenges that are faced when taking over a new business and how to overcome these.

Aims and Objectives:

This lecture helps the understanding of:

  • The importance of values in business
  • The importance of the right team, identifying the right team and how to recruit the right team
  • How to create the right culture
  • The importance of vision and purpose of your business
  • How to deal with members of the team who are not playing as part of the team”

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