Dentinal Tubules Webinar – 8th April 2020

Dentinal Tubules webinar 8 April 2020

Dentinal Tubules Webinar – 8th April 2020

Last night we had the pleasure of being interviewed by the Dentinal Tubules leadership team, as part of a new initiative that Dentinal Tubules have launched, to help everybody in dentistry through the current period.

We brought back two of our speakers from the Get Insights series of events, and looking at the comments received both during the broadcast and those received subsequently, it was a valuable conversation that will help  you, your team and your dental business emerge from Covid-19 and prepare your dental practice for the restart.

We have put a recording of the conversation here for you. It’s a very valuable hour that we encourage you to spend with us, a recording to leave playing in the background or listen as a podcast.

Keep an eye on the Dentinal Tubules website for more broadcasts. You don’t have to pay anything or be a member of Dentinal Tubules to benefit.

With one eye on the future, we are also delighted to confirm that we will be hosting another Get Insights day, once we are able to, and it will feature both Graham Rowntree and Mark Shayler, from last nights broadcast.

To confirm your interest in attending the next Get Insights event, you can simply register your details from this link.

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