Covid-19 Prepare your Dental Practice for the Restart

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Covid-19 Prepare your Dental Practice for the Restart

GET INSIGHTS, March 2019 and a very special day when we brought together a group of dentists and dental team members for something different.

Moderated, challenged and held to account by Tony Kilcoyne, our guest speakers provided insight and fresh thinking from outside of Dentistry. All speakers received unanimously positive feedback.

Since then we have been inundated we requests to host another day, and we will and it will be bigger and better.

March 2020 and of course everything seems very different, but does it change the principles of leadership, connecting with people, innovation and the basics of running a successful business or leading a successful team?

Two of the speakers at Get Insights managed to steal the show, you’ll soon see why.  We brought them back together for a hastily prepared webinar, right in the thick of the current Covid-19 situation.

We recorded the webinar for your benefit.

Its time to kick back, grab a cuppa and listen to Get Insights and Restart your dental practice.

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