Green Roots

We are working with all of our clients to reduce the impact that dentistry has upon the environment and to encourage ‘green dentistry’. We are happy to provide free advice on how to do this, based upon the successes that our clients have had so far.


We believe that it is important for the dental profession to lead the way and to challenge any policy or regulatory procedure that is out dated and no longer serves the best interests of your patients and our planet.

green dental coaching

We are doing our bit too and have introduced the following changes as part of our Green Roots policy:

  • Switching to all electric vehicles
  • Electricity supplied only from sustainable energy utility companies
  • All paper is FSC (The Forest Stewardship Council) certified
  • All workshop materials are compostable or use fully recyclable materials (no more nasty plastic binding combs and covers)
  • The venues that we use for workshops all have a clear environmental policy
  • Any hotel that we stay at must have an environmental policy such as that of IHG hotels
  • Pens and promotional items are from certified sustainable sources or are 100% recyclable or compostable
  • We use public transport where possible
  • We encourage clients to share transport when travelling to any of our workshops