Who Cares if your Dental Practice is Sustainable?

There are two ways you can think about the sustainability of your business. Firstly, is to consider the likely longevity of your dental business and its ability to adapt to inevitable changes. Secondly, is to understand what impact your business has upon the environment at present. Now, before you write off the latter as being a bit ‘fluffy’ and unnecessary, here are a few things to look at;

We are staring at a recession – higher taxes and less cash in our pockets. These are the prime conditions for your current and future patients to think twice about what they spend their money on. In an economic downturn, our desire to be healthy doesn’t go away, however, we do think more about who we are going to spend our money with.

Research* suggests that over 50% of consumers are ‘belief driven buyers’ which means that they will choose, switch, or boycott a brand (including your dental practice) because of its stand on societal issues. Don’t stay silent on important issues that you know your patients care about.

It’s probably only a matter of time before the powers that be require you to have some kind of sustainability policy. Be clear now about what you stand for on societal issues. This will resonate with belief driven buyers now more than ever because you choose to have a voice, rather than later on when some will just be ticking an environmental compliance box.

It’s because of the belief driven buyer that you will have noticed so many businesses outside of dentistry are championing their sustainability and environmental credentials, and all of them, your current and future dental patients care if your dental practice is sustainable.

If you are unsure where to start with any of this, including how to measure the environmental impact of your dental practice, we can help you.

*Edelman Trust Barometer 2022

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