The Real Dental Business Leadership Challenge of 2020? Growth And Calm

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The Real Dental Business Leadership Challenge of 2020? Growth And Calm

What does it really mean to be a dental business leader in 2020 and is ‘Covid’ the only real challenge right now? How long will it be before our attention returns back to gappy books, and unhappy teams?

Throughout lockdown we have been working with our clients and encouraging them to not just respond to the immediate issues that this year has presented the profession, but also to be brave and to pay an appropriate amount of attention to the bigger challenges that dental business leaders have to deal with, the ones that were there in March and will begin to appear once more as businesses and the economy opens up.

Let’s start with marketing and the rush get back to back to elective treatments, to whiter and straighter smiles. There is nothing wrong with that, but hasn’t lockdown also taught us that ‘more’ is just one option? There are other paths and increasingly strong leaders are recognising that stability, peace of mind, an inclusive culture and calm are all as important to create the growth that drives the numbers.

Look outside of dentistry (and not that far back also within dentistry) and notice that growth at the expense of everything else is what gets businesses into trouble, it always has.

Nothing is going to change the past, and we may even want to erase the last few months, but pay attention to what worked for you and others going in to, during and coming out of lockdown. Everybody wants at least some of the benefits of growing their dental business but those that are most successful will achieve the growth that they want and remember the importance of calm. 

We develop dental business leaders and their teams to grow their dental practices and turn chaos into calm and we are currently offering a limited number of places for you to join either Club Connect or Rose & Co. Reboot. If you would like to join us or explore if and how we can help you then jump on this link to choose a time to speak with us. Fridays are free days – no fee, no spam, no sign up, no nonsense.

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